Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The National Prayer Breakfast 2017

One of the missionaries that my family supports invited us to the National Prayer Breakfast. So here in a few hours, my wife and I will fly to DC, and tomorrow join this for the first time.

I am interested to see how it goes: it is supposed to be a non-partisan event, but as you all know, tensions are at an absolute fever-pitch in our country right now. Can a group of believers come together and pray for our nation without angering each other? Can we truly be unoffendable?

As I was thinking last night and this morning about the Prayer Breakfast, and hear and see angry argument after angry argument explode in our country, I asked myself: what do I plan on praying for our nation? What do I specifically want?

And I was reminded of the book, Gladhearted Disciples.

That is what I want, for all believers. I want us, in 2017, to become Gladhearted disciples. I will challenge my wife and my family to fully achieve this.

As the book lays out, "gladhearted disciples are followers of Jesus who are generous people looking into the future through a lens of hope, accepting but not settling for what the world has become, and yet determined to live in such a way that engages the world in Christ-centered mission...Gladhearted disciples are about one thing--the kingdom of God."

  • Followers of Jesus - I pray that Christians can become followers of Jesus rather than followers of political or social movements
  • who are generous people - I pray that Christians can become generous with their time, talent, and treasures, not expecting anything in return
  • looking into the future through a lens of hope - I pray that Christians will be able to demonstrate the hope within them, and remember that modern society's evils pale in comparison to the context of the New Testament world ... so shouldn't we be able to have or even exceed the hope of the apostles?
  • accepting but not settling for what the world has become &c -  I pray that Christians are unoffended by those who disagree with them and always lacking in anger, but instead participate in the Beatitudes, through which God is currently already blessing the world: by identifying with and loving the outcast; by comforting the mourner; by always seeking peace between each other rather than win arguments; by desiring greatly to deliver justice in our personal lives (rather than instead focusing on getting others to deliver justice in a societal manner); by practicing mercy and generosity to others; by living lives of integrity; by actively caring for the poor and meek; and by being willing to suffer for the cause.
  • are about one thing--the Kingdom of God - I pray that Christians will become less focused on the kingdoms of this earth, which dominate the news cycle to an incredible degree, and instead focus on the politics which truly matter in the Kingdom of God. I pray that we will realize that time, money, and passion are limited resources and every minute spent in prayer or actively influencing the person's life next to you is worth a week of trying to convince someone on social media to start sharing your type of memes instead of theirs.

I will be praying this tomorrow in DC, and throughout the year. I hope you will join with me.

(If there are updates from the Breakfast of interest, I will share them below.)


  1. The reports I've read paint this year's prayer breakfast, or at least Mr. Trump's remarks, as very partisan indeed...

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