Friday, March 18, 2016

Updating - more sermons

I just finished another round of preaching, so as promised here are the updates:

Title: Q&A With the Apostles (The Council of Jerusalem)
Date:  21 February 2016
Passage:  Acts 15: 1-35
Summary:  In this passage, we cover the Council of Jerusalem in 49-51 AD. This was a meeting of all apostles and key missionaries to answer a question that plagues us still today--"What does the Old Testament Law have to do with modern Christianity?" This sermon answers the questions:  "Is the Law still relevant?"; "How do we know which Old Testament sins are important?" and "Why do we say homosexuality is a sin but not eating shellfish?"

Title: Forget Not
Date:  27 December 2015
Passage:  Psalm 103:2-8
Summary:  This was our 2015 Year-In-Review, in which we discuss some of the many answered prayers at Grace Church for 2015. We use Psalm 103 as the "frame" for the discussion, and cover everything from the uplifting to the moving to the painful. It was accompanied by a meal, and went very well.

Title: Are You A Jesus Consumer, or a Jesus Disciple?
Date:  01 November 2015
Passage:  Acts 6:1-4
Summary:  As the first deacons are added, we spend some time exploring the idea of talmidim, or discipleship. What is the difference between someone who simply intellectually believes and someone who is an actual disciple?

Title:  Every Story Whispers His Name
Date:  13 September 2015
Passage:  Acts 2:12-39
Summary:  On Pentecost, Peter delivers the first sermon in Christian history, and he shows everyone that the Old Testament is really all about Jesus. He is the center of everything. This was one of my favorite sermons I've written, and is hugely influenced by (or ripped off of, depending on your view) preacher Tim Keller.

Title:  Science and The Bible Pt 2:  Is Christianity Anti-Science?
Date:  26 July 2015
Passage:  Psalm 19:1-4
Summary:  Is Christianity anti-science? I tell a bit of my story as an evolutionary Deist who came to Christianity in college. Specifically we address the fine-tuning of the universe, the heavy philosophical reliance that science has on Christianity, and the role of Christians in the history of science.

Title:  Science and The Bible Pt 1:  Understanding Genesis 1
Date:  19 July 2015
Passage:  Genesis 1:1-2:3
Summary:  Many people view Genesis 1 as a fairy tale which has been disproved; others see it as a scientific textbook of creation. In this sermon we correct both errors, instead reading Genesis 1 in its original would it have read to an ancient Hebrew, ignorant of YHWH, recently freed from Egyptian slavery?

Title:  The Problem of Suffering Pt 2:  The Emotional Problem
Date:  12 July 2015
Passage:  Psalm 6:3-7
Summary:  In our series on the Common Doubts of Christianity, we address the Problem of Suffering. This week we speak of the emotional problem of suffering--attempting to help those who say that they cannot worship a God who would allow so much pain and suffering to exist.

Title:  Knowing That You Know God
Date:  17 May 2015
Passage:  1 John 5:13-21
Summary:  As John wraps up his letter, he summarizes his main points of how we can know that we have a relationship with God. We also briefly deal with that sticky "unforgivable sin" thing. :-)

Title:  Why We Fail John's Tests
Date:  15 March 2015
Passage:  1 John 2:12-17
Summary:  John has given us four tests which, if we pass them, will give us confidence in our salvation. But what about when we fail those tests? This passage tells the reason WHY we fail John's tests.

Title:  The Problem of Suffering
Date:  25 January 2015
Passage:  Topical:  Habakkuk
Summary:  Habakkuk was an unusual prophet who recorded his frustration with God's plan. This message is the opening overview of the new series on Habakkuk, and explores the Problem of Suffering--why does a good God allow suffering?

Title:  The Promise of the Coming King
Date:  14 December 2014
Passage:  Topical: Christmas
Summary:  This is the first of a two-week Christmas series which explores the topic of Jesus' Kingship--what does it mean when we say Jesus is the Newborn King? This message explores the Old Testament expectations of the coming King of the Jews.

Title:  Humble planning
Date:  23 November 2014
Passage:  James 4:13-17
Summary:  In this passage, James explains how proper planning should be done--and how often all of our plans are just boasting in arrogance.

Title:  Who is going to teach you how to walk?
Date:  02 November 2014
Passage:  James 3:13-18
Summary:  In this passage, James is going to go into more detail on his claim in 3:1 that not many should be teachers. He will teach us what to look for when choosing the teachers of our faith.

Title:  God Transforms (Doctrines Series Lesson 7)
Date:  17 August 2014
Passage:  Topical:  Communion & Baptism
Summary:  In this lesson, we cover one of the key aspects of Grace's theology--Ordinances. We will discuss both communion and baptism, and how God transforms us. We will examine these through the lens of ancient suzerain covenants.

Title:  God Speaks (Doctrines Series Lesson 2)
Date:  13 July 2014
Passage:  Topical: Revelation
Summary:  In this lesson, we cover one of the key aspects of Grace's theology--Revelation. We explore how God reveals Himself to us, both through the books of Scripture (Special Revelation) and the book of nature (General Revelation).

Title:  Debating Jesus
Date:  18 May 2014
Passage:  Luke 20:19-21:4
Summary:  In this lesson we cover two attempts--one by the Pharisees and one by the Sadducees--to trap Jesus in a debate. Jesus deftly avoids both topics and we find that neither purity (Pharisees) nor knowledge (Sadducees) are sufficient for salvation.
Link:  (No audio, text only):

Title:  Two Pictures of Jesus
Date:  11 May 2014
Passage:  Luke 20:9-19
Summary:  Here we look at the Parable of the Vineyard, from which we get two distinct pictures of Jesus. These two pictures lead us into CS Lewis' Trilemma:  Jesus is either a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord: He cannot simply be a great moral teacher.

Title:  Jesus' Most Bizarre Parable
Date:  15 February 2014
Passage:  Luke 16:1-13
Summary:  Here we study what many consider Jesus' most bizarre parable--the Parable of the Dishonest Servant, in which Jesus seemingly praises an embezzling servant for his crafty dishonesty.

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