Thursday, August 7, 2014

What Would Jesus Do?

I heard someone say one time that Jesus spent His time, "Comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable."

I think that is an absolutely perfect description of what ministry should be like. A preacher's job is to do precisely what the Lord did: those who are suffering should find comfort, and those who think life is great need to be shaken awake.

We in American Christianity are the perfect examples of comfortable.

We are the wealthiest people in the world. We live in decadence at a time where the global gap between rich and poor is greater than any time since ancient Rome. And we are the Romans.

We are completely comfortable with our philosophies and our politics and our lifestyles. We like our houses and our Starbucks and arguing over trivialities like which four people belong on the Mount Rushmore of basketball. (FYI, it is obvious:  Jordan, Magic, Russell, LeBron).

We are comfortable and we need to be disturbed. That is one thing I try to do here on this blog. Some areas which I hope you get disturbed by me:
  • You should not be okay with the prevalence of guns in our society
  • You should not be okay with the fact that people claiming to be Christians support violent force and war
  • You should not be okay with the frequency of abortions
  • You should not be okay with our treatment of immigrants
  • You should not be okay with the gap between our wealth and the worldwide poverty
  • You should not be okay with how people idolize the government and Constitution and flag as though they were God-ordained
  • You should not be okay with the high amount of orphans in our country
  • You should not be okay with the way we are undermining the nuclear family

We are far too comfortable.


  1. Struggles in life teach us lesson. When we start getting to comfortable, we forget those lessons