Saturday, August 2, 2014

We Are N

If you haven't been paying attention to the atrocities going on in Iraq against Christians, now is the time to pay attention--and pray.

Similar to Nazi Germany's beginning of the Holocaust, the Iraqi Muslim government has begun identifying Christian homes, businesses, etc., and driving them out. Just as the Nazi's used the Star of David to identify the Jewish, the Iraqi Muslims have been branding Christians with the letter "Nun", or N, which stands for "Nazarene."

The Islamist state has taken the Christians' cars so they cannot escape. They have stolen all their money. They stole one Christian woman's entire life savings of $40,000 and kicked her out to the streets, refusing even to give her the mere $100 she asked for. They are stealing wedding rings and, if they can't get it off, cutting the fingers off.

All this is taking place in the ancient city of Ninevah, which has had Christians for over 2,000 years. But no more. All 5,000 of our brothers and sisters have been cast out.

They have blown up the tomb of the prophet Jonah. They desecrated an Orthodox church, turning it into a mosque and worshipping Allah there. They have destroyed all the crosses. They executed a Muslim University professor who dared to speak out in defense.

Please consider sharing this and asking for prayers. Change your avatars or profile pics to the "WeAreN" logo to show solidarity.

Christianity is an offense to the world. This could happen anywhere, and right now it is happening in Iraq. Please pray for our brothers and sisters.

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