Saturday, October 26, 2013

Been a long time...

Wow, this now concludes the longest absence from my blog in its 4+ year history.

I am blessed that my job (I run a factory in the wind energy industry) is going through a period of massive growth:  we are adding 400 people in less than 6 months. But this makes my job exceptionally busy, and I had to prioritize.

I love you readers, but let me tell you that this is the part that has to take breaks in these situations!  First comes my faith and family, then comes my role as an elder of a local church, then comes my job, and then comes my blog and fun.

On the plus side I have about 50 good ideas for future posts, and as I find time to write them I think you'll all be happy. So thanks for sticking with me, and sorry for the delay. :)

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