Monday, August 12, 2013

Youth Group Series, "F.A.Q." - Weeks 7-8 - On Miracles and Why All Religions Are Not the Same

So this week was the end of our youth group series. Below are the last two weeks' worth of work. Sorry for the short post but it's a busy day. :) Maybe I can come back and expand later, but this at least gives you an idea.

Feel free to use the series as much as you want for your own youth groups. :)

One comment - since I used my work PC, the "background graphics" belong to my company. If you use these slides as they are, please make sure that under "Design" you choose "Hide Background Graphics," since my company is probably not wanting to sponsor the teaching. ;)

Click here for the Miracles week

Click here for the Why All Religions Are Not The same week

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