Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Infographic: Church is for the introverts, too

Reader Trinity emailed the infographic below to me and I would like to share it with all of you. It is an interesting reminder that we have a tendency in church to see extroversion as more spiritually valuable or valid than introversion. We often drive away or fail to properly minister to those who are introverted, misinterpreting their God-given personality as being "disconnected" from the church body.

Some good food for thought here--thanks, Trinity!

The Extroverted Church
Source: Christian Degrees

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  1. INTJ (for those of you who are familiar w/ Myers-Briggs)
    I'm definitely more of an introvert, so I can relate to this. The big differences I saw when we learned the details about the Myers-Briggs: The amount of time given to processing information and, consequentially, how situations are handled differently. I know that when I read the bible, this blog, books, I want time to process the info. Like the infographic stated, neither is necessarily related to social preferences. If you go up to a preacher and ask about a particular topic and want info on it in detail, an extroverted preacher would be more likely to start immediately from that point and talk about it with everything that comes to mind. An introverted preacher would be more likely to get you to come see him in a day or two so you can talk one on one, also giving him time to freshen up on the topic so he can give a concise, well-founded comment. Neither one is bad, both are useful to God's glory.