Friday, June 7, 2013

Two great quotes from the early church fathers

"I do not wish to be a king; I am not anxious to be rich; I decline military command... Die to the world, repudiating the madness that is in it."  --Tatian, Address to the Greeks (c.160-170 AD)

"For since we, a numerous band of men as we are, have learned from His teaching and His laws that evil ought not to be requited with evil, that it is better to suffer wrong than to inflict it, that we should rather shed our own blood than stain our hands and our conscience with that of another, an ungrateful world is now for a long period enjoying a benefit from Christ, inasmuch as by His means the rage of savage ferocity has been softened, and has begun to withhold hostile hands from the blood of a fellow-creature." --Arnobius (c.300 AD)

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  1. These remind me of stories I have read in the Christian History magazine. Loving pacifists the early Christians certainly were.

    In my 16 years of being an adult Christian, the blood-thirst I hear from Christians in the Churches I've attended is shameful.

    I admire the Catholic Church on their stance.