Friday, January 11, 2013

The Christian Handbook (Didache) Series Overview

Last month, we completed our study of the Didache. I hope that you all found it as useful as I did.

Below is the series overview all in one page for your convenience.

1. The Christian Handbook - Introduction
2. The Christian Handbook, Part I - The Way of Life
3. The Christian Handbook, Part II - The Way of Death
4. The Christian Handbook, Part III - Christian Rituals
5. The Christian Handbook, Part IV - Church Organization
6. The Christian Handbook, Part V - Preparing for the Lord's Return
7. The Christian Handbook, Conclusion

The more I have thought about this series, the more fascinating I have found it. This series showed that the early Christians spent the majority of their time at church concerned with: improving personal morality, prayer, fasting, baptizing new believers, sharing the Lord's Supper together, teaching the church about Jesus, and getting ready for the return of Christ.

What things did they not care about--not even enough to mention it once? Politics. Church programs and schedules. Ethnicity or national background. Telling others how they are sinning. Economic theory. How to run your personal finances. How to find "God's will" for your job situation. What you should wear when you come to church.

American Christianity has become far, far removed from what the apostles did. We need to reboot, now more than ever.

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