Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life on Mars

I really enjoyed this post by Fr. Stephen Freeman, the Orthodox Priest, about the Mars Rover's search for life. Fr. Stephen talks about how barren Mars is--such that we are hunting for signs of life on a microscopic scale--whereas here on Earth life flourishes everywhere we look.

"I doubt life on Mars precisely because it is so hard to find. Our experience here on our home planet is that you cannot get away from life: it is everywhere. We have gone to great depths of the oceans, measured waters of extreme temperature over sulfer spouts from the deep earth and -- found life. The most barren landscapes are only barren to the cursory glance. If we pause and draw close, life is always present. Generally, it is not just present, it is teaming. ...We live in a place that was blessed by a Divine command to "bring forth." And it does--relentlessly."

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