Monday, July 16, 2012

The Teachings of Jesus (VI), Week 29: Jesus' authority challenged - Jesus on humble faith (Mt 19:13-15)

So, today is my birthday. Just wanted to share that with the world. (Also, it feels really weird writing that today is my birthday, because it is May 12 as I write this post. For this series I work weeks or months in advance, and pre-schedule the postings. So it is strange to think that by the time someone reads this, I will be a year older. Oh, well, it may be my birthday and I may be getting old, but it's time to stop being amazed at the technology of today and get on with it.)

This will be a short post. Like, a really short post. Because back in week 24 (Matthew 18), I basically already covered this exact topic.

The only thing of note in this case was that Jesus is again using the topic of true faith being childlike, because He is contrasting the humility and faith of a child with the prideful faith of the Pharisees who were questioning Him. Other than that, please just go back and read my June 11 posting.