Sunday, June 10, 2012

In the Beginning...the Infographic

Currently in our church's youth ministry, I am teaching a series on Evolution & Evangelism. To help the students remember the key points of week one, I created an infographic and thought I would share it here. Click here and you should be able to download the file. (Note: In the Google Docs view it doesn't really look all that great; if you click "File/Download" it will look a lot better! File size about 13 MB.)

For the majority of my readers, who weren't in the class, this of course is a bit out of context. The basic theme of my multi-week series is that we must separate the facts (what Genesis definitely says) from the interpretations (TE, OEC, YEC, allegory, etc.). We must be firm on the facts (which are primarily about showing God as Creator and sovereign over everything) but give grace to those who have other interpretations. So last week, I discussed the primary themes of Genesis 1, exegeted the passage verse by verse, discussed the difference between bara' and asah, and demonstrated how the Genesis 1 narrative lines up step-by-step with the current scientific facts, for those who do not see it as allegorical.

Feel free to use and share as you see fit, as long as you keep the rebootChristianity logo in place. Enjoy!


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