Sunday, March 4, 2012

Upcoming travel

You may have noticed that my posting has been rather sparse lately. Let me explain myself.

I have been blessed as part of my job to go to China twice so far (see the photo below, of me in front of a taxi in Tianjin in January). Soon, my family and I will be living in China for about a month. (We are excited to have found a foreign-passport holder church there, so we will get to celebrate Easter with some brothers and sisters from around the world!)

Though I love China and its people, I have found that their access to blogs--particularly of the religious nature--is a bit, um, lacking. So I have been pre-writing quite a bit of content and scheduling delayed posts. With any luck, you should get a steady dose of posts even while I am out of the country.

So bear with me for another few days, and we should be back to my regular irregularity, rather than the current irregular irregularity.

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