Tuesday, February 14, 2012

God's Hidden Sunsets

As I was flying home from Denmark last week, I found myself between two layers of clouds at sunset. I found myself stunned by the beauty of the sight. Out of the window, all I could see were endless fields of cottony clouds, with the sun making a striking red-orange glow behind it.

And what struck me was: this has always been this way. Ever since creation, this view has existed. But with the exception of perhaps a few brave mountain climbers, no one in history saw this sight until the 20th century. For tens of thousands of years, humans saw the clouds only from below; now and only now can we begin to appreciate the beauty from above.

Think that through for a minute. God created the beauty long before someone else was around to view it. For well more than 99% of all sunsets in history, no man's eye has seen the stunning sight. The same is true for the entire universe: God has created galaxies of stunning beauty, black holes of immense power, supernovas of amazing light...which will never be seen by human eyes. He created beauty in corners far from our reach.

It is entirely possible within the realm of physics that, at this very moment, on some distant planet, dual suns may be setting behind a gorgeous diamond mountain. And no one will ever see it but God. He didn't make it for us, but for Him.

So often, we humans put ourselves as the center of the Gospel story. We see ourselves as the culmination of God's creation and the center of His universe. We imagine that we are all that matters to Him, when in reality more matters to Him than we can imagine.

He is the center of the universe; never forget that. He created beauty because it was beautiful, and because He is a Creator--not for our glory or enjoyment, but for His. He created those stunning heavenly sunsets knowing full well that very few men in history would ever set eyes upon it; He created immense beauty in the universe knowing well that it would remain a total mystery to us forever.

Remember who the center of this universe is. Remember why He created it. For just a moment, let yourself step back and realize that even mankind as a whole is not the central character of the Gospel, much less you: the center of the Gospel is about God, and who He is, and how He loves.

Remember that He makes beauty because He is beautiful--whether we are capable of seeing His hidden sunsets or not.

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