Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twin Traps

On the always thought-provoking Christianity Today women's blog, Her.meneutics, there is a post about the Christian response to "Girl with the Dragon Tatoo". I haven't read the book(s?) or movie, nor do I have a real desire to do so. It hasn't made the cut on my Kindle wish list. So I don't really have much to comment on their blog post per se.

What I loved, though, was one brief statement that the author makes: "As Christians, we too often fall into the twin traps of demonization or idolization."

I wholeheartedly agree. It seems that Christians can only find two approaches to any cultural phenomenon--either we boycott it as unholy, or we fall all over ourselves trying to prove how cool we are with it. I can basically guarantee you of this: choose a somewhat controversial cultural topic, and go read Christian blogs on the topic. Rarely do you hear people speak of somewhat enjoying it, or moderately partaking--it is either "We love it and it's totally a part of our lifestyle", or, "It's from the pit of hell."

Such is our current approach to pop culture, unfortunately.

Why can we as Christians not get psat this hump? Why can we not simply be honest and say, "As a Christian I found such and such offensive, but could see why others like it", or, "I definitely enjoyed it, but could see how someone in the faith might be offended by it", or--the rarest of all!--"Eh, it was okay. Didn't bother me, didn't particularly like it."

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