Friday, September 16, 2011

A note on commenting rules


I am willing to have open comments on the board, in which you can state almost anything you want. I will trust my regular readers to call out heresy when necessary. :)

The rules to commenting are below, however. Failure to follow these rules will result in bans from commenting on the site. Thanks.

1. No profanity allowed.

2. You are allowed to post anything--even heretical things--if you are willing to engage in open-minded discussion. Trolling or argumentation for the sake of argumentation is not allowed. We are a site of open-minded discussion, so I will not allow people to just use my blog as a forum for argumentation.

3. Links to other sites are generally not allowed, unless it is a major, well known site (large company/ministry, news site, Wikipedia, etc are all fine; your personal site or multi-hour video against the Trinity is not okay).

Thanks for understanding.

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