Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aliens (again)

About once a year, you see an article something like this one on MSNBC. It says that astronomers have discovered some new set of planets, some of which 'might be earthlike' (HUGE assumptions involved there, but okay), and which are "relatively close" distances of 35 light-years away.

I've mentioned before that stuff like this totally proves that aliens ain't visiting Earth. I've made the statement--and I stand by it--that alien visits are so impossible that if one ever shows up, it would have to be taken as definitive proof of a God.

Just in case you're curious...assume that you are on Voyager 1, the fastest spacecraft we've launched. (Note of interest probably only to me: In the past I used Helios as an example, but in retrospect it is only so fast because of the gravitational slingshot effect of the Sun. Voyager is a better example, because it is interstellar and thus more representative of traveling speeds to other stars, where you lose the gravitational slingshot assistance.)

Anyway, Voyager 1 traveled at 32400 km/hr, and this "enticing" Earth is 35 light-years away...or a bit more than 330 trillion kilometers. This means that if you launched a mission toward it today, at Voyager 1 speeds, you would arrive in the year AD 1,168,702.

We consider it amazing that the pyramids are only close to falling apart after 5,000 years...and you are talking about an engineering project to send something a million years away? And just think! When it returns to us, it will only be 2.2 million years from now!! It's right around the corner!

When I read stories like this, all I can think is...why in the world do we waste money funding such ridiculous research? To try and figure out if there is maybe a planet that might be habitable that is a mere 1,000,000 years from here? Good grief. Instead, why don't we try getting our heads out of the clouds and give some of that money to the needy children starving to death on our streets, eh?

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  1. I was just listening to the radio the other day when this subect came up. The host of the show Jim Philips is a very well educated individual when dealing with earthly matters but does not believe in God. I lost what little respect I had for his character when he wholeheartedly spent an hour discussing what aliens are like, their visitation habits and that he believes they are always present, even disguising themselves as human. His belief in aliens is a mimicry of the faith needed for God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. He's even stated "I write someone off if they don't believe in the THEORY of evolution because they don't believe on science. Oh they don't believe in science until their kid is sick, then it's 'Doctor, Doctor save my child!'"
    One thing I don't get is if aliens were real, what are the chances that they are ultra intelligent beings capable of heating, bending, shaping, melting metals? Super fast space travel? Why would they have any interest in coming here? Why are they always better and smarter than us? It's just the search for God, a higher power.

    Romans 1:22 Claiming themselves to be wise, they became fools.