Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Silly logic

So today I was reading an article about a Christian pro soccer team on CNN. Overall it was an interesting article. But there was one statement that was just mind-blowing to me.

One of the people in the article, a Bob Schindler from Church Sports Outreach, said that the key question was whether there was competition before the Fall. If not, then competition is result of sin and therefore should be avoided; if so, then competition is not a result of sin and therefore can be partaken of.

Now I don't know Schindler. I'm sure he's a great man with some great points. Certainly he's dedicated his life to ministry, which I tremendously respect.

But the logic here is astonishing, and dangerous, and all too common: "the Fall was caused by sin; therefore the results of the Fall are sinful; therefore we should not partake of things that did not pre-exist the Fall."

That is, after all, his argument. So let's follow that same line of logic in some other areas:
* Adam and Eve did not cover themselves before the Fall. Coverings only existed as a result of the Fall. Therefore all Christians should be nudists.
* Adam and Eve did not have jobs before sin. The curse of work (toiling the ground) was given as a result of sin. Therefore, working is sinful. All Christians should quit their jobs.
* Democracy was unheard of until after the Fall. If there had been no sin, there could be no democracy. Therefore, Christians shouldn't vote.
* Adam and Eve only ate fruit before the Fall. Therefore sin brought about meat-eating. Therefore we should all be vegans.

Come on, guys. There are so many good things to discuss with regard to Christian sports (is Tebow the real deal? do Christ's commands for submissiveness and meekness imply we should avoid competition? with so many professing Christians, why are sports so filled with non-Christian lifestyles? who should I take #6 in a fantasy football, 12-team, QB-scoring-heavy draft?). So why make up a silly argument like this?

Just as a general rule...let's stick to the Scriptures, guys. The buffet-style, add-on theologies do nothing but hurt our cause. The Bible is not written to justify or condemn 20th century sporting events, so let's please focus on the important aspects--like the work being done by the team in the article above.


  1. Just a quick correction. Work existed before the Fall. Adam named the animals, he kept the garden, he subdued the earth. All these tasks are found in Genesis 1 & 2. Work is actually a gift from God not a result of the Fall. The Fall made work frustrating and less enjoyable (thorns & thistles etc.). Love the blog. Keep it up.

  2. PKC - you are absolutely correct, thanks for clarifying!

    I guess the point I really wanted to make still stands, though. The Bible doesn't tell us much about Eden--and certainly does not imply that pre-Fall activities are "pure" and post-Fall activities are "impure". I get very nervous when people start taking Scriptures and using them to justify things that are out of their original context. (Of course, I don't help my cause when I use wrong examples!)