Thursday, August 11, 2011

A post of thanksgiving

I just wanted to take a moment to thank God for sparing me.

I was in a bad accident yesterday on the way to work. A car in the far right lane cut across two lanes of traffic (presumably in a hurry to get to work). He either thought he could slide ahead of me, or--more likely--never really looked. He ran me off of the road and I spun out, into the concrete wall beside the interstate. I'm not entire sure how it all happened (it was so fast; very surreal experience--a few minor things are crystal clear to me and others I don't remember at all); somehow though both the front and back of my car were ripped off. He appeared to suffer minor damage only, and never stopped--just kept going.

But amazingly, not only am I alive, but I seem to be doing well. I'm extremely sore, with some deep bruises on my knees and chest, but that seems to be the worst of it. Thank God! Many have died in far lesser accidents.

The car has been totalled, and hopefully we will get enough back from insurance to at least cover the remaining amount of the loan. I think we should come out about even, which is all you can really ask for.

So I just wanted to take this time to share with my readers, and publicly thank God for His mercy, allowing me to see and hug and play with my children again.

Pics of the car below, FYI:

If you have a Camry, you know that the front of the car in the second picture should be about two feet further than it is--taken clean off at the engine block.


  1. God bless! Good to hear you're doing okay, and much thanks for helping to bring me to Christ.

  2. Anonymous - thank you for your kind words. To know that you came to Christ, and that my writings had even the smallest part in that process, absolutely made my week much brighter. Thank you for sharing. :)