Sunday, August 28, 2011

Explaining my inconsistency

I wanted to take a moment to apologize to everyone for my inconsistency the past two weeks on posting for this blog - and to say that I expect it to continue for another week or so.

I have mentioned before that in my 'day job' I am the engineering manager at a major company. Well, that company is going through a reorganization globally, and this is causing a few uncertainties.

First and foremost, on a temporary basis I am serving as plant manager running one of our factories--so in addition to my normal job, I am running a $32 million factory with a team of 80 employees. That is a pretty stressful, time-consuming job as you can imagine. If I wish to keep that job long-term I probably can.

Secondly, I am being considered for a global role in the new organizational structure. The role would be exciting, but likely require a good bit of travel internationally.

Third, I of course have my current job (which is busy enough for any of us!)

So please pray for me during this time. My primary reaction is one of thanks for the blessings of God: during a reorganization (in which, no doubt, many will lose their jobs) I am being 'fought' over for new opportunities. That is always reassuring, and I am thankful for the security during an unstable time.

However, also please pray for clarity--which position(s) do I like? Which ones give me joy, and which should I avoid?

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  1. I'm always pleased to see a post by you, but there's no need to apologize for the inconsistency. I greatly appreciate what you do get around to posting. Thanks for always managing to be so good-hearted and clear-headed.