Sunday, June 26, 2011

A great quote from a Mennonite pastor

There is an interesting article on CNN giving insight into the Mennonite reasoning behind avoidance of singing the national anthem. While I don't agree with their logic in this case, I do absolutely love one thing he said about Christianity, which hearkens back to previous writings of my own:

The world cannot know the unsurpassable worth of human life without a people who consistently work to protect it - in the fetus, in the convict, in the immigrant, in the soldier, and in the enemy. -- Mark Schloneger, pastor of Springdale Mennonite Church in Waynesboro, Virginia

I think the Mennonites are right on in that regard. I see no way that the Christian ethical system outlined by Scripture can be anything other than pro-life, by which I mean: anti-abortion, anti (or limited) capital punishment, protecting of immigrants (regardless of legal status) and very, very hesitant to engage in warfare.

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