Monday, March 28, 2011

Two Years of Blogging

Last month, Reboot Christianity reached its second anniversary as a blog. In that time, you readers have been a constant source of encouragement for me. I continue to be amazed that you are interested in what a random dude like me thinks about life...and yet you keep coming back. In two years--without really any advertisement of my blog--over 5,200 unique visitors have visited this blog from all over the world.

I am truly humbled and thank you for your consistent readership. The fact that I am blessed to have such great readers is truly a "God" thing.

This two-year anniversary got me thinking--what were my personal favorite ten posts of the past two years? I think this is what I have come up with:

1. The Cognitive Bias series (11 posts, June - November 2010). By far the most popular series, and the one I am personally most proud of.

2. Doubt and the faithful Christian (May 2009).

3. Finding joy in our purpose (May 2010).

4. NT Wright and So You Think You Can Dance (June 2010)

5. The means justify the ends (December 2010)

6. Does God care about the Super Bowl? (February 2011)

7. Romans 8:28 in context (August 2010). Feedback from several people tells me this has been encouraging to them, which is really nice to know.

8. Aliens - the outer space kind (Dec 2010). This has nothing at all to do with our faith. I just like it...felt like it was a fun, interesting post.

9. Law and Grace in business management (January 2011). One of those posts where I took something away and try to keep it in mind on a daily basis.

10. Suzerain covenants in Ancient Scripture (August 2009). Probably one of those posts which interests no one but me. But it helps me see the total picture of Scripture.

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