Monday, February 21, 2011

A great Monday morning quote

Steve Bowyer, a pastor in Little Rock, was preaching recently about salvation through faith. He made the point that we Protestant Christians are quick to accept that we are saved through faith alone, yet we seem to believe that maintaining our faith requires works. We didn't pay to get it, he says, and we certainly can't expect to pay to keep it. Instead, we keep it just as we received it: by grace alone by faith alone through Christ alone.

He had a wonderful quote that I thought I would share with you all on this principle. It certainly is a beneficial reminder for us Christians that we are freed from the law, and should not be adding a new law in its place:

"We have sinned. And we still fall short. May God grant us the grace to stop playing games with Him. May He grant us the grace to stop trying to impress Him with our behavior and all of our religious practices. May He grant us the grace to stop trying to hide our sins from Him, like He doesn't know. May God grant us the grace to pour contempt on all of our pride, and embrace the Cross as the only root to His loving presence even today."

Listen to the whole message, "We Didn't Pay to Get It (Rom 3:21-31)", here.

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