Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back to reality

I hope that you all enjoyed / tolerated my brief departure into scientific debate and quantum back to your regularly-scheduled blog. :-)

In my free time, I coach my five year-old son's basketball team. (Alex is shown in the picture with his teammate, Braylin.) The league is called Upwards, and is a fairly large Christian-based sports program. Each week the players have verses to study, and the coaches are more than just coaches but also ministers--we have devotional time at each practice and game, and have the chance to teach these kids about Christ.

This last week, we were studying about Jesus as the "way, the truth, and the life." So during our devotional I asked the kids what it takes to get to heaven. Of course, we should not be surprised at what they all said..."Be good." "Listen to your parents." "Clean your room." "Share."

In other words...good works. That's what gets you to heaven. So from there, we were able to discuss that Jesus is the only way. That works are not going to get us to heaven, only our faith in Jesus.

After finishing the devotional, I asked the kids again...what gets us to heaven.

Their answer? "Believe in God. And do good things."

It is so, so hard for us to break the belief that what we do impacts our standing with God. It just seems wrong, this amazing grace, this unending love. It is hard for us to accept that God could love us just as we are, and can hold back His wrath against our sinful ways...accepting the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf.

Thankfully, the kids were wrong. The equation does not include works, only our faith in His unending grace.

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