Sunday, December 5, 2010

Faith and Works

Wanted to recommend a nice article over at Internet Monk on faith and works--or, more specifically, Christ's works and my works.

To God, we are commanded to demonstrate faith in the works that Christ did for us; in other words, our primary role toward God is one of brokenness and honesty that we are still sinners, and have contributed nothing to our own salvation.

To others, we are commanded to do good works, loving and caring for them sacrificially, just as Christ loved and cared for us.

The article also quotes a sermon by Martin Luther, perfectly nailing a major flaw in what IM calls "Churchianity"--serving the church is not the same thing as serving other people. We tend to give God our faith, and then serve God's church--and indeed, many churches see this as our necessary service. But the practice of our faith should not be limited to what we do inside the church walls, but in how we engage the world every day of our lives.

It is a great way to discuss the "faith vs works" dichotomy. Faith is where we depend on the works of Jesus, because our own works are insufficient. Works is where we serve those around us in humility, because our Lord served us even when we were yet sinners.

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