Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leap in Human Evolution

Ever since H.G. Wells, science fiction writers have been enthralled by the question – what is the next version of mankind? What is the next step in our evolution? The question also appears every year in movies, on the newsstands, in popular science periodicals, and in science fiction novels. Humans are enthralled by the possibility that today walking around, or tomorrow in a delivery room, some child might be born with a mutation that begins a genetic split from our ancestry.

Now I am not here going to endorse, or argue against, the concept of macroevolution. Suffice it to say that I hold it completely beyond doubt that God is wholly responsible (without any use of randomness) for all Creation of all species; whether evolution is a fairy tale or a tool of God’s creation is outside of my scope.

But though I am not neo-Darwinist by any stretch of the imagination, I will tell you this: the human evolutionary leap already happened.

It is happening. All around us.

Consider what is so unique about Christian beliefs, compared to any other religious conversion. If you are a Gentile and convert to Judaism, then you may receive God’s blessing – but you are still a Gentile. You are not really a different sort of person (in terms of raw material), you just have a different standing in God’s eyes. The same is true in Islam—you are not a different person, just now righteous (where before you were unrighteous). We could say the same for the pantheists and the Buddhists as well. Or really, any religion at all. They do not teach that the substance of what you are changes, but that your relational status to god (or the gods) is now correct.

Christianity is different.

In 2 Cor 5:17, Paul says: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” Our old selves die. We are a new creature, trapped in this flesh like a snake in its old skin. And like that snake, we Christians are trying our best to slither our way out of the dead skin and reveal ourselves in our new skin. When we shed this old skin, our new skin is without sin or blemish. We live without pain or anger or hurt. We are no longer capable of selfish greed and corruption. We are complete.

Preachers often say that God rested after creating man, because His work was complete. That is not true. No, He rested after making us…and then we became something He did not want. And now He has given us a chance to become part of the next evolutionary leap: a new type of creature. A creature not fallen. A creature not selfish. A creature not entrapped by this world, but governing over it. A creature whose spirit leads his flesh, rather than the other way around.

The next evolutionary leap is already done. The human bloodline is splitting. As Wells once projected, there will be two species of human. And you get to choose which species to be a part of. But it is not a choice of Morlocks vs Eloi, or X-Men vs regular people. No, your choice is between sheep and goats, wheat and chaff: joining God’s Elect, or keeping on this old, rotting snakeskin we call our flesh.

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